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SLM (Sound Level Meter) solutions, in cooperation with the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, is the producer of Euterpe and Euterpe 2007 acoustic software packages.

Euterpe 2007


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Euterpe and Euterpe 2007 are similar software applications that turn your PC into a sound level meter. Euterpe and Euterpe 2007 are powerful tools to measure, calculate, display, report and respond to sound levels.
Euterpe and Euterpe 2007 were developed to perform long-term environmental noise monitoring but they can also be used as general acoustic tools.

With Euterpe 2007 measurements are obtained that are type 1.
With Euterpe measurements are obtained that are not type 1.

(a freeware version of Euterpe, EuterpeFree is now available in the Euterpe section)

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last update October 14th 2008

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